Indonesia needs more than $1T to achieve net-zero emission target: President



Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that his country needs over $1 trillion investment to achieve its target of cutting carbon to net-zero by 2060, according to state-run media.

Speaking at the UN climate summit, commonly known as COP28, in Dubai, on late Friday, he called for an inclusive collaboration to help the developing countries achieve its net-zero emission (NZE) target.

"This is what we must achieve at the COP28. Indonesia is willing to work hard to reach its NZE target by 2060 or earlier than that," Antara News quoted President Jokowi as saying.

Dubai is hosting the two-week UN climate summit, attended by around 70,000 delegates from around the world.

Indonesian President added that developing countries are not able to work alone to reach their NZE targets and they need help from bilateral partners, private investors, philanthropists, and friendly countries achieve the targets.

"Starting from this point, problems the world is facing are solvable," said Widodo.

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