Cyberattack: BSSN ensures regional head election data security

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) will conduct a special operation to ensure national data security to protect against cyberattacks during the 2024 Regional Head Election (Pilkada).

"Since the (last) presidential and legislative elections, BSSN has conducted data surveillance, and of course, this operation concept will continue to the simultaneous Pilkada in (all) Indonesian territories," Head of BSSN Hinsa Siburian remarked as monitored online from here on Tuesday.

In his remarks at the "Coordination Meeting for the convening of the 2024 Simultaneous Pilkada in the Sumatra Region" in Medan, North Sumatra, Siburian explained that the data security operation will be conducted to prevent malware or ransomware attacks that threaten voter data and vote counts.

Four task forces under BSSN's auspices -- the Cybersecurity Task Force, Information Control Task Force, Crypto Task Force, and the Conflict Task Force -- will conduct the security operation.

The BSSN head explained that the cybersecurity task force will monitor, protect, anticipate, and recover national data in case of cyberattacks.

The information control task force will monitor and analyze social media and mass media to tackle hoaxes and misleading news. It will also coordinate with other relevant agencies in charge of data security.

"The crypto task force will apply its cryptographic functions, such as counter-detection, signal security, and safe communication network," Siburian remarked.

Meanwhile, the conflict task force will promote public education by providing information on legal studies and Pilkada task forces' activities

The public education activities will be held between 63 days before and 32 days after Pilkada in provinces across Indonesia.

Siburian stated that this task force will help strengthen the security of electoral data from cyberattacks.

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